De FIFA kan de pot op.

De kandidatuur van België en Nederland voor het WK voetbal in 2018 loopt uit op een knieval voor de FIFA. Deze bijzonder winstgevende “vzw”, made in Switzerland, eist een nultarief inzake belastingen, strijkt de winsten van het evenement op (televisierechten, de sponsoring en de merchandising) en laat het organiserende land opdraaien voor alle onkosten. De overlast is enorm, het economisch voordeel nihil. Bovendien stelt de organisatie buitenissige eisen inzake sponsor-exclusiviteit (o.m. alleen reclame voor het officiële WK-bier in de wijde omtrek) en bedingt zelfs aanpassingen in de wetgeving (snelrecht voor eventuele overtreders van het FIFA-dictaat).
Wij pikken deze bezettingsmacht niet. Voetbal kan een feest zijn, maar dit is arrogante business. Nu al is duidelijk dat Zuid-Afrika aan het WK een slechte zaak heeft gedaan. De modale burger is er alleen maar armer van geworden. Dat de FIFA maar in een of andere bananenrepubliek haar ding doet en de bevolking pluimt.
Wij, Nederlanders en Vlamingen, eisen een kritische en openbare lezing van het “bidbook”, en een politiek debat over de zin en onzin van dit soort postmoderne kolonisatieprojecten.

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  1. Raoul THEEUWS

    Toch even de referentie hierboven nakijken!
    Uitsluitend rubriektermen in het frans???
    Nee toch!


  2. Bedankt Raoul om dit te melden, dit kan uiteraard niet!
    Het probleem zou nu moeten opgelost zijn.

    Johan Sanctorum

  3. marc tiefenthal

    Ik weet het niet, johan. Fifabelooba, who’s my baby? Voetbal heeft me nooit veel gezegd maar laat het toch een match uit de werelbekercompetitie zijn, zeker, die mijn belangstelling krijgt, om de zoveel jaar. Dus, Johan, ik weet het niet.
    Ook weet ik niet of de Fifa zomaar al die zaken krijgt of krjgen zal die je daar opsomt.
    Ik had overigens van jou verwacht dat je het grote wilde complot achter dit alles uit de doeken zou doen: laat België opnieuw opgaan in Nederland, verenigen moeten wij die Provincies.
    Ik weet het echt niet.

  4. Raoul THEEUWS

    Na de correctie van rubriektitels, hierna mijn mening:

    De FIFA, zoals zovele andere internationale sportfederaties (inclusief IOC)eigenen zich, zo maar, monopolies toe!

    Monopolies die door de meeste politici niet eens in vraag worden gesteld!!

    Monopolies langs dewelke een reeks grote bedrijven (de z.g. “sponsors”) hun marketingstrategie onderhouden.

    De I.F.’s en de grote bedrijven spelen onder één hoedje en de politici kijken er naar en laten zich bedonderen!

  5. nico bakker

    Hieronder 1 artikel + boektitel , geschiedenis is rijk aan voorb van oppimpen steden en ongewenste ‘elementen’ verwijderen bij de Olympics.

    Staged cities: mega-events, slum clearance, and global capital. .
    Publication: Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal
    Publication Date: 01-JAN-03 Format: Online – approximately 13230 words
    Delivery: Immediate Online Access

    Article Excerpt
    Somehow, when the fair became part of the city, it did not work like the fair.

    –Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1)

    voorts aan te bevelen lectuur: Planet of Slums , auteur Mike Davies



    I like to watch sports and athletics and they are fascinating; and at the highest levels too, so that I realize what man is capable of, and incidentally how poorly endowed in these areas I am! At the global level, there are the Olympic Games held every fourth year. And at a much lesser level, we have the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games.

    Though not equally ardent about all field and track events, I find some of them highly interesting. Games as such do interest me though some games are favourites with me more than others. In the natural course of events, I would have been keen and ready to watch the Commonwealth Games (CWG) on the TV in a couple of months. But during the last three weeks, the CWG has taken an unnatural course in the sense that it has become the epicentre of a great national corruption scandal and scam. Facts emerge day by day and I now see the utter idiocy of the CWG. Let me state why I do that.


    Forgetting the massive corruption scandal, unimaginably huge investments on “dead stadia” and appurtenant infrastructure are, per se, dead investments. While working in the Government, I always discouraged the District Collectors from wanting to build prestigious and huge stadia at the cost of the Government. The investments on steel, cement etc on these are immense. The returns or benefits are very little. This is because the stadia/grounds are hardly used over even 45 days in a year. For district level spectator-crowd, it is enough if landscaping and temporary chairs/structures are provided around the grounds.

    Ours is a poor country and we don’t need huge stadia at all even given our huge population. Building stadia of international standards in multiple numbers, therefore amounts to gigantic waste. This does not mean that we are discouraging our athletes. The richer Commonwealth Countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, NZ etc could afford to spend on these games by being the hosts. What was the need for India to bid for the CWG? We are glad that the recent scandal has stopped India from bidding for the Asian Games. It is stated that our bid for the CWG happened when the NDA Government led by the BJP was in power. It should have been realized by our rulers and apex sports and games bodies that India was simply not well placed to make enormous spending for the games.


    The idea of the Commonwealth as a conclave of ex-British colonies has had a large validity in the first few decades after we all got freedom. Today, the world is very highly integrated in every possible manner. The relevance for the Commonwealth is practically nil. In certain areas like writing, literature, scholarships etc, the cementing concept could be still valid considering that the English language links the nations. Thus, there could be a case for, say, periodical Commonwealth Writers’ Meet. This won’t be expensive. However, in my view, Commonwealth Games and Sports are unnecessary and out-dated and are far too expensive. Besides, who really recognizes the Commonwealth Games Records? Olympic Records and World Records are recognized all over.

    There is a strong republican movement in Canada, Australia and NZ to get rid of the British Queen as their Head of State. This is so even in the UK. It is time these things are considered and unnecessary white-elephantine events are totally avoided.


    Not very long ago, Delhi hosted the Asian Games in the year 1982. Normal civil constructions like Offices and Residential Buildings do last for 75 to 100 years. However, the white elephants like Stadia, not usable year round, crumble and decay fast. Huge renovations at immense cost have been necessary for the reuse of the Asian Games Stadia for the CWG.


    Very often, you will come across people who say that the lack of stadia in India is the reason for India’s poor show at international events despite our one billion population. This is an over-simplification. Nearly two thirds of our population don’t get two square meals a day. Then, the real nutrition level and the nutrition consciousness of the rest of the people is below par. There are other factors also like catching sports people when they are very young for intense training as happens in China. What we need in India are more and better play grounds rather than more stadia. When one travels in Europe, one will find lots of grounds that host football matches on Sundays, rather than a large number of stadia. Bombay/Mumbai is witness to two big stadia, namely Wankhede and CCI next to each other! What a waste!


    If this amount had been spent for construction of much needed warehouses in India, we would have avoided the enormous wastage of foodgrains stored in the open and which have become rotten and unfit for human consumption. the value of the foodgrain loss is also said to be Rs.30000 crores!


    It appears that the initial CWG cost estimate was around Rs.600 crores. Perhaps India could have afforded that with some difficulty. Today, the cost is Himalayan.

    We don’t know who else, apart from Suresh Kalmadi, are deeply into the hugh money scam in the CWG. It is absolutely galling to think that a poor country as ours is wasting Rs.30,000 crores on this tamasha, when the money could have been more beneficially used for the sake of the poor sections as pointed out by Mani Shankar Aiyar.

    In ancient Rome, the Royalty provided spectacular gladiatory tamasha for the starving citizens by way of amusement in order to ameliorate their wretchedness. In India, we are seeing parallels in the form of IPL and CWG even as the common man is very worried about his next meal.

    At the present stage, nobody would ask for the CWG to be stopped or taken lightly. The Indian participants would definitely look forward to some medals. The games should be allowed to glitter in the normal way although the dark shadow of the enormous scandal will be writ all over it. While we will take some pride as the games happen, it won’t be unmixed with abundant shame.

    I will end by saying that when the CWG does start, I am not sure if, under all these circumstances, I would be very keen to watch it. I have been rendered very cynical about the games.


    © V-S-Gopal., all rights reserved.

  7. Raoul De Smet

    Hoe zou je nu willen dat politici daar niet in meegaan? Ze willen immers zelf als V.I.P.’s worden uitgenodigd. Ze halen daar zelfs stemmen mee, naar het schijnt (de mijn alleszins niet). Dat de staatsfinancies en de belastingbetaler daarvoor opdraaien, dat is toch hun zorg niet! De volgende generaties zullen dat wel oplossen, toch!
    Er moet gezorgd worden voor een soort beweging als de StratenGeneraal om de politici te doen nadenken, denk ik.

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    Ben blij met jullie toevoeging!
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    Groetjes Barbara